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Rotary Forged Industrial Rolls
Rotary Forging integrates the journal and major tube-roll diameter,
assures concentricity, and improves strength
and toughness through grain refinement.

Patent Pending #771-265*

Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting Rolls are available in a 25° angle standard long taper, a 60° short taper, upset design*, center crowned or end crowned; in roll diameters through 12". The unique, patent pending upset process affords a squared end design for tight side frame clearance. The PTS one piece roll design eliminates welds which are often suspect for possible failure. The process offers the only single-piece roll design on the market.


*The PTS elastomeric polyurethane coating is an 85 shore A hardness roll coating having a rubber like consistency used primarily as a drive surface for belting. Typically this process will outwear rubber coatings 50 to 1, while being competitive. The esthetic improvement of using this process is a bonus to product appearance, while being unparalleled for wear resistance. Extensive laboratory, as well as field, testing has been done on this PTS process and is available upon request. The standard color for this coating is charcoal to blend with most equipment applications.


The Usine De Wecker forging machine pictured is a key element in the PTS design and process. Having the maximum capability of 15” diameter X 2” wall thickness makes this installation the largest of its kind in the U.S.A.

Lengths up to 40 feet.

300 Ton Forging Machine

The unique capabilities of the forging machine coupled with the 300 ton maximum capacity opposed end forming press pictured here provides an unparalleled combination of production capacity to serve the roll industry.

Turning Machine

Add even another key piece of equipment in this double ended, laser aligned, centerless turning machine pictured here and you have combined 250,000 pounds of the toughest most durable equipment in the industry. These key production machines are complemented with a host of support machinery including cutting, turning, burnishing, milling, drilling, grinding, balancing, forming, and coating equipment.

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  • P.T.S. offers computerized shaft selections.

     Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting offers computerized roll selection and design assistance.


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