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Grinding to Close ToleranceGrinding
Centerless ground to close tolerances

Rubber vulcanized coating to your specifications or 20-30 mil elastomeric polyurethane.
Other specialized coatings or finishes:

  • Shot or Grit Blasted shaft FinishShot or grit blasted finish
  • Zinc plating
  • Cadmium plating
  • Chrome - nickel chrome
  • Finishes - any spray coating hydraulically applied - primers - rubberized epoxies - enamels - cold galvanized spray

Aluminum - Copper - Stainless & Alloy Steel grades available.

Knurls, flats, Holes and Threads in Fan Shaft

Welding Options
Overlay - Attachments - Stainless - Complete fixtured automatic set-ups - Repair capabilities on worn shafting or rolls.

Higher Strengths or Hardness - case heat treatment on std. C1020 grade or an alloy overlay prior to forging affords higher hardness and strength wall tube, etc.

Repair worn shafting or furnace conveyor rollsRepair Capabilities
Repairs to most any type alloy or size of worn shafting or furnace conveyor rolls including weld overlay, replacement parts, remachining, straightening and dynamic balancing.


Tube Shaft

  • On-Time Delivery
  • No minimum quantity for fast shipment.
  • Breakdown service on single shaft orders.
  • P.T.S. offers computerized shaft selections.

Let PTS help show you how to lower cost through standardization.

Ask for form CDS-2
for prompt and accurate evaluations for
1st critical speed,
diameter, wall thickness, required bearing sizes/life specifications,
bending & torisonal data.

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