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Request a Quote for Fan Shafting


A Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting Representative will contact you will our best price.

Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting can help show you how to lower cost through standardization.

Ask for form CDS-2
for prompt and accurate evaluations for 1st critical speed,
diameter, wall thickness, required bearing sizes/life specifications,
bending & torisonal data.

Let PTS help show you how to lower cost through standardization.

Energy efficient is the by-word but cost is the key to efficiency—without sacrifice of quality. Normally PTS can save 30% plus over solid bar shaft applications when all factors are considered. Typically the solid shaft weighs more, is more difficult to handle, assemble, requires more support members, and more labor and material for these design 'musts.' In addition, serviceability is extremely difficult, often causing fan damage, when attempting to remove and replace bearings. Standardizing bore sizes on fans often affords better buying quantities also affording substantial cost savings. Bearing sizes often can be reduced on the shaft 'free' end, when gross overdesign has been the rule, to accomodate a single diameter size solid shaft – also resulting in dramatic savings and lowering inventory requirements.

    Industrial Fan Shafting
    • On-Time Delivery
    • No minimum quantity for fast shipment.
    • Breakdown service on single shaft orders.
    • P.T.S. offers computerized shaft selections.